2012 Rock The Runway Fashion Show- Distinguished Young Women

I am honored to announce that I will chair the annual Rock The Runway Fashion Show that benefits the Distinguished Young Women of America (formerly America’s Junior Miss).  The event will take place in the Spring of 2012 in Mobile, Alabama to benefit the scholarship program that DYW offers to enhance the lives of young women across the nation. We are honored to have famed style expert Amy Goodman as this year’s host, and we look forward to the event being a phenomenal success.


Target Does It Again

Target Brands, Inc. is known for its partnerships with top designers, chic appeal and amazing price points.  As one of the ultimate mass merchandisers, Target finds a way to marry price, quality and trendiness for the ultimate union.  E.L.F (eyes, lips, face), is one of Target’s newer product lines, a make-up line that offers a variety of beauty solutions at unbelievable prices.  Believe it or not, the caliber of the product is worth a try.  The hypershine lipgloss retails for $1, while the holiday mascara set is on the shelf for $3.  The lip gloss provides significant shine, and remains on the lips without numerous applications within a few hours.  From nail polish to eye-make up remover pads, E.L.F provides full size and miniature items that are perfect for travel and daily use.

Premier Sites for Luxury Sales

The popular emergence of luxury e-commerce sites has proven to be beneficial retailers, but even more lucrative for fashion mavens globally.  It is synonymous with the appeal of designer sample sales that take place spontaneously in Soho, but now the access, seasonality and variety are endless.  Some of the best designer apparel, shoe and jewelry selections have become available from anywhere and the opportunities are endless.  I’ve listed my top six and a synopsis of why you would be reckless to not at least take a peak.

Ideeli   By far one of my favorite sites, Ideeli offers limited sales on a multitude of designers and products (home furnishings, apparel, jewelry, children’s clothing, shoes, vacations).  The site requires for you to set up an account, consisting of limited personal information and a sign in ID.  Since the sales for each category and designer are limited, Ideeli offers the option to pay an annual fee ($83.88) and upgrade to 1st Row, which allows you earlier access to all sales (this came in handy when I was able to order a pair Jimmy Choos before the general public to ensure I could get them in my size!).   www.ideeli.com

Net-A-Porter  Established in 2000, Net-A-Porter has been the primary leader in luxury    e-commerce web sites.  It does not offer “limited time” sales, but instead offers the world’s premier brands by visiting one place, which is fashioned as though you are viewing a fashion magazine.                                                                   www.netaporter.com

Endless  Now offering more than just shoes, Endless is the ultimate shoe resource.  It offers over 100 designers and the widest range of shoe designs.  The web site’s ultimate benefit is that it offers free two-day shipping and complimentary returns.   www.endless.com

Rent The Runway  For the diplomatic woman that consistently has a need for fine gowns due to her demanding schedule, Rent The Runway was created for her peace of mind.  This high-end site allows clients to rent gowns, accessories and handbags for any occasion.  A Vera Wang gown that retails for $1,295 can be rented for $150 for 3 days, with a complimenting Diane Von Furstenberg clutch bag for $35.            www.renttherunway.com

Asos  It is rare that an occasion passes that I wear something from Asos and don’t get stopped in the airport.  The United Kingdom e-tailer offers 50,000 labels and private brands, and presents a variety of beautifully aesthetic pieces, inspired by art and color.  www.asos.com

Belle & Clive (New!)  Just established a few days ago, Belle & Clive is already creating a grandeur name for itself.  The second day after its launch, the site is offering vintage Louis Vuitton and Chanel handbags, some listed for half of current retail values.  Membership is required, which consists of signing up with an email address and name.  Fashion model Chanel Iman hosted the site’s launch, and has clamored about her excitement for her recent purchases.                                                   www.belleandclive.com