Financing Statement Accessories

An amazing woman dear to my heart has become an Ideeli fanatic , and often times informs me of the best sales before I get to order anything! A few weeks ago she was amazed when Birkin bags were a hot item for $12,500, and women were ordering. She and I have had the same conversation before when $1,500 bags were sold out within minutes.  Although she has access to excessive funds, she can not understand that women willingly pay that much for signature bags.

There is no secret that I covet Neverfull shoulder bags, but there is a way to acquire signature bags, shoes and fashion pieces without feeling guilty or neglecting other responsibilities.

I am also a weekly Starbucks connoisseur, so I can’t say that I believe in completely neglecting coffee a few times a week (as many self help books would prescribe–I’m sure they’re great reads), but there is an appropriate way to acquire, in the proper manner.

Budgeting to save according to the price of the desired item can provide a clear idea of what should be allocated weekly/monthly to reach the purchase price.

LOUIS VUITTON Westminister GM $1,260

Louis Vuitton Westminister

Breakdown: Including tax, the Westminister can become an investment piece for $58 a pay period, assuming two pay periods per month.  If you begin putting funds aside in January, this piece can be a well-deserved Christmas gift that you award yourself.

GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI Colorblock Suede Sandal $795

Giuseppe Zanotti (Saks Fifth Avenue)

Breakdown: A statement shoe is one that can be worn multiple seasons, even if they aren’t consecutive.  The key to finding a shoe that is worth investing in is finding one that can be worn for multiple occasions and looks, that also stands out from the normal pump.  At a price range going up to $875, a statement shoe can be purchased by contributing to a fund with $146 a month, for 6 months.

When purchasing investment pieces:

  • Invest in items that are essentially timeless.  My best investment pieces have been Chanel jewelry and Italian shoes.  They make a statement yet aren’t too seasonally restricting that I can’t wear them any time of the year, season after season.
  • Buy wardrobe staples that are well-constructed and chic.  Every season welcomes trends that may not be as breathtaking the next.  The best purchasing behavior is to spend less on these pieces because chances are, in 2 months you might not even like it as much and it finds its way to Goodwill.
  • Spend less on items that have to be replaced often. Cotton and jersey blend white T-shirts and black pumps seem to fall in this category for me.  I am constantly purchasing white tees to make sure that they are stark white and crisp.  Working in New York City and commuting from Brooklyn, I learned the value of affordable, comfortable black stiletto pumps that were replaced every few months due to wear and tear.

A lady does not neglect her household and financial obligations in order to acquire material things.  Instead, she plans strategically to systematically create a legacy of investment pieces to enhance her wardrobe.  As she matures, her wardrobe does as well.

Shellac vs. Gel Nail Polish

As nail color continues to appear season after season, I have been wearing polish of various colors, and I’ve found that the new generation of gel polish is the way to go for longevity.  The brand Shellac has been my choice for months until Ms.Tarrica Madison of Paint Nail and Beauty Bar in Mobile, Alabama informed me to leave the Shellac alone!  I have committed to only use gel polish (Geleration, Gellish, Orly, OPI), which infuses the nail with vitamins and supports healthy growth and lasts for weeks at a time.