The Countdown for BrandMe Media [@BrandMavens]

As much as I love Hartzog-Bagsby Consulting, I love Brand Me Media just as much because I get the opportunity to collaborate with the artistic creative director that often times fuels my creativity.  BrandMe Media is a marketing boutique that offers branding solutions to eclectic individuals and corporations.  It allows Hartzog-Bagsby to offer fashion styling and consulting, coupled with creative direction and action planning.  The outcome is a diverse set of skills that can cater to a wide range of clients.

The countdown has begun!!  The site will launch the day Brand Me Media flies to Europe for a visit to Finland, Paris, Milan and London.  This will be the epic beginning of our chronicles of jet setters, creative minds and awesome people doing beautiful things in a world of visionaries.


Brand Mavens- The Anticipation of Brand Me Media

From the fun photoshop pages of my favorite creative guru!!!  After an expressive photo shoot, the birdie decided to drop in for a minute as a reminder.  The full energetic photo spread will appear after the launch of @brandmavens (be on the look out), the creative outlet for Brand Me Media.  No need to always take ourselves so seriously, right?  Sorry I had to leak the photo love, but it was too cute.

Lisha in Photoshop

I Can’t Wait To Wear….

… this leopard-print, suede mary jane wedge!!! Nasty Gal online has an amazing collection of shoes, clothes and accessories, but I think the shoes are my favorite. The site goes beyond the typical selection in the local Nordstroms (unless you’re in NYC). AND they offer free shipping, state side. They’ll be at Atlanta Fashion Week (if they get here in time)!!!


Against the Grain: Melody Ehsani Design

Courtesy of

I was blog surfing when I stumbled upon a Tumblr page that featured a designer that followed her instincts, and has provided benefit to fashion lovers worldwide.  I spoke to a group on Friday about the importance of following your heart’s desires to get the greatest outcome.  Case in point: Persian beauty Melody Ehsani.  After going against her cultural expectations of law school, the designer is now a hot name among A-List celebrities.  The mastermind has designed custom pieces for Erykah Badu, and has lent her skills to everyone from Mariah Carey and Rihanna to Nas.  Her pieces force artistic creativity and wearable jewelry to coincide, creating supernatural earrings, rings and necklaces that can be paired perfectly with extravagant garments, or simple, fitted tees.

She states the she “designs to upset the equilibrium,” an understatement when you review her ability.  The best part is that for we commoners, she’s not untouchable!  You can visit the web site directly to order pieces, which are priced at amazingly feasible price points.

Andromed Earrings

I ordered the Andromed Earrings and can’t wait for UPS to deliver them.  Ehsani will definitely be my choice of accessories when I’m looking for ways to add pop to my looks during London Fashion Week in September.

Crescent Earrings

Check out the full line at

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Beautiful Editorials: Solange Knowles in London



Clearly stepping from her sister’s shadow, Solange has continuously made a name for herself as a style maven, a singer, songwriter and a well-respected DJ in New York.  One of her latest feats: a fierce photo shoot at a bowling alley for the publication London Evening Standard.

View the full article below:

Solange Knowles featured in the London Evening Standard

Ju Ju Beez Models and Talent : The Art of Fashion Celebrity Fashion Show

I LOVE it when I get the chance to work with other women in the industry that are driven by the benefits of fashion.  I recently chatted (okay, we messaged via Facebook) with the dedicated Julie Causey of Ju Ju Beez Models & Talent to inquire about the upcoming Art of Fashion Celebrity Fashion Show that is scheduled to take place on September 2nd, as a predecessor to Mobile Fashion Week 2012.  The event will feature reality star K Michelle, a FAMU graduate who has been seen on “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” and is receiving notice for her vocal ability.

Ju Ju Beez Models is having the first model call on Sunday, July 22nd to allow young women in the surrounding areas to be featured in the show.  Ladies, a minimum height of 5’7 is required to be considered (I’ll continue to do print work I guess 😦 )

Ms. Causey states : “I love fashion, because it allows me to be who I am as an individual no matter my budget, what I’m wearing, or who I may be styling.  A true fashionista is able to bring any garment to LIFE whether it be couture, vintage, trendy, or just a simple T-shirt and jeans.  I am so elated to be able to bring my vision and passion for fashion to life!”

The visionary was kind enough to take a break from preparing for Atlanta’s Fashion Week to discuss the exhileration surrounding the event.

What is The Art of Fashion, and what can attendees expect?

Our goal is to bring forth a high fashion runway experience to the City of Mobile in which we will incorporate the art of dance, music, and fashion.  The Centre for the Living Arts:  Space 301 is an impeccable facility that will enable the audience to appreciate the ambience that it will offer to the attendees.  We have incorporated Pointe-ballet dancers from the Melinda Leigh Performing Arts Center whom will gracefully open the show which, in result, will continue to set the tone for the evening.  The fashionable designs of our featured designers will ensure that this runway experience will be an anticipated must-see event. VH1 Television Star and Singer/Songwriter K. Michelle has been invited to entertain the attendees with her pop melodies and relatable accounts on life. Through her soulful sound, she will continue to capture and captivate her audience.  Not only do these efforts support our love for fashion but they also provide opportunities for philanthropic growth as partial proceeds of our event will be donated to charity. We have partnered with the Lupus Foundation of America, Inc. to provide awareness to such a mighty cause.  This event will be a fashion and art extravaganza! It is poised to receive unprecedented press exposure and bring additional notoriety to the featured designers.  It will also promote networking among fashion industry professionals including educators, retail buyers, fashion journalists, trendsetters, tastemakers and consumers.

What was the inspiration to create an event like this for the Gulf Coast?

A dream of mine is to sit front row Milan, Paris, and New York Fashion Weeks and others to select those wanted and needed pieces for my clients.  I’ve always had a love for fashion and the arts, so I wanted to provide the area with an event that could mesh cultures and eliminate cultural barriers for the sake of fashion.

What celebrities can be expected to be present?

VH1 Reality Tv Star and Singer/Songwriter K. Michelle will definitely be in the building as our nationally recognized guest performer!  You can definitely look out for our “local celebrities” from a widespread demographic, because this event will attract those who aspire every day to push their ideas and dreams to the next level! Dream Big!

How will the event be differentiated from other fashion shows that take place?

With only sample-size models, featured designers, and the ambience of Space 301, this event will sincerely exude high fashion!

Hartzog-Bagsby Consulting for Atlanta International Fashion Week 2012

Hartzog-Bagsby Consulting and E.F.Hunter are pleased to announce that both entities have been granted media access to the runway shows and events for Atlanta’s International Fashion Week for 2012. We thank the AIFW gurus for allowing us to cover such a note-worthy event. We will be providing minute by minute coverage of the shows, designers and celebrities as the weekend unfolds. Don’t forget to follow us on twitter @hartzogbagsby and @brandmavens !

Chanel Makes it Quite Clear


In light of the recent Hermès scandal that was uncovered in France, the House of Chanel politely reminds all individuals that allow the name Chanel to roll off of their tongue, or leak from their ink pens (or be typed on their MacBook), that the house should only be referenced in one way: authentically. Please do not get it confused and think that it is being taken lightly. I thought it was quite clever to place this ad on the back of the Women’s Wear Daily Edition that provides front page coverage of the $22 million loss that Hermès suffered. Enough said.

Atlanta International Fashion Week [July 2012]

July 24. 2012 through July 29.2012

Atlanta’s Fashion Week is only weeks away and the line up is stunning.  From celebrity-studded events to a diverse range of presenting designers, the week provides an opportunity to experience the runway shows of designers from Brazil, India, Canada and the Caribbean according the site’s designer profiles.

I’m interested in seeing the designs of Elle Pourl, Jason Christopher Peters and Brick Malone, acclaimed designers that have been featured in People and Cosmopolitan magazines.

MAC, the Aveda Institute of the South and HOP Models are some of the week’s sponsors.

Best of all, you can experience all of the shows and VIP access with the Haute Couture Package, priced at $150.  It includes:

  • Tickets to All AIFW Runway Shows from Thursday – Saturday
  • Front Row Access
  • Fashion Cafe
  • VIP Gift Bag from every show
  • Red Carpet Access
  • Backstage Access
  • Valet Parking

If I’m not in Chicago, I’m trying my very best to be on the front row!

bySmith: Designer to Watch

Between interviewing candidates and returning from the Blueprint Trade Show in Singapore, designer Smith Sinrod maintains the life of a designer heavily devoted to the evolution of her line.  When speaking to her, she has a relatable tone, a demeanor that encourages you to engage her as if you’ve talked to numerous times before.  But her 2012 Fall line is nothing less than serious business: finely crafted ready-to-wear blouses, skirts and dresses that easily transition from work to sophisticated play any day of the week.  The brand, bySmith, has received accolades and recognition from The Miami Herald and Women’s Wear Daily alike.  The designer describes the design concept for bySmith as “vintage inspired, vibrant, and a spin on classic with funky original prints.”  Based in New York, the line is carried throughout the United States, with a dominance in the Southeast.  Don’t watch for the rising stars that she’s surpassed, look for the shooting ones.

The Spring/Summer for 2012 line was infused with beautiful colors and prints. How do you build on your current season to innovate for the following season? “I am constantly coming up with new ideas and strangely enough I think of more ideas when I am going to sleep. I think as a creative person coming up with new designs and prints is the easiest part of my job. The complicated part is editing down the collection to the best ideas and making sure it makes sense when it all comes together.”

 What is your inspiration, season by season? “I am inspired everyday. Just walking down the street in New York I come up with new ideas. Although, each season I pick a decade and a city to focus on and really pull my ideas together after studying new locations and cultures. This helps me come up with my color story each season.”

bySmith has received press recognition, from Southern Living to WWD. Which would you consider the most memorable? “It has been two years now since I presented my collection in Miami Fashion Week as a part of Gen Art’s Fresh Faces, but it still tops the charts as the most memorable. It was my second season and I was lucky enough to showcase in a real Fashion Week and I will never forget the feeling.”

 You have managed to place bySmith in over 18 states, and over 68 stores. What is your strategy when choosing locations, and how do you strategize to work with retailers? “During my first year of business I drove my line around the southeast to stores to sell my line out of my trunk. It was quite a journey, but I am so glad I did it this way because I was able to work with the store Buyers myself. I was really able to see what colors and styles were doing the best first hand and why. I think as a business owner it is very important to be involved in my sales still. I participate in regional wholesale tradeshows and we also have travelling representatives that cover each territory.”

 What can your audience expect from bySmith next?  “Fall 2012 will be in stores by August. It’s hard to believe Fall is around the corner when its so hot outside. On the horizon, Spring 2013 will be our biggest season to date. Our audience should be on the look out for bold prints of course, Thai silk, and incredible new fabric options! It will be here before we know it!”