An Awesome Fashion Show Experience: Tyler Bailey Shoe Designs

Shoe Designer Tyler Bailey and Host Carlisha Hartzog Bagsby
[Image Courtesy of Debra Braggs]

Tyler Bailey Shoe Designs
[Image Courtesy of Debra Braggs]

Tyler Bailey Shoe Designs
[Image Courtesy of Debra Braggs]

The Tyler Bailey Fashion & Shoegasm Experience
[Image Courtesy of Debra Braggs]

A look for one of the many designers that walked the cat walk
[Image Courtesy of Debra Braggs]

Host Carlisha Hartzog Bagsby and AMS South Recording Artist B Boy

It was such an honor to host Tyler Bailey’s Fashion & Shoegasm Experience, featuring fashion designers and collections such as R Mills Collection, ShaLaJa Swimwear, High Maintenance Online Boutique and F.O.G House.  Of course, the parade of shoes by Tyler Bailey Shoe Designs gave the audience a glimpse of what his designs entail.  I look forward to the next event and the next chapter from Mr. Tyler Bailey.  Well done Mr. Bailey, well done.

[Images Courtesy of Debra Braggs of !]


Tyler Bailey’s Fashion Extravaganza


A special thank you to Tyler Bailey and his amazing team for a first class.

I was elated to participate and the professionalism and execution was second to none.

I was quite impressed with the garments the designers showcased and of course, baffled that Mr. Bailey designed and crafted the looks of the runway within a week.

I can only hope that we get to work together again! A major thank you to Mr. André Williams and the lovely Kenya Crumble-Stone.

First Lady Michelle Obama Does it Yet Again

Huffington Post

Known for her effortless yet phenomenal contributions to the fashion state of the economy, First Lady Michelle Obama wins yet again for the 2012 election campaign.  Not only does she make a tasteful decision, the Obama girls, Sasha and Malia, were dressed perfectly, with A line skirts in metallic and satin in gorgeous hues, and complimenting cardigans and flats to coordinate with the look.  The simplicity yet appropriateness of each of the lady’s choices reflect their attention to fashion, while simultaneously not going too extremely expensive and haute couture, something Mrs. Obama is highly recognized for.

First Lady Obama’s purple and black Michael Kors dress is a repeat from at least one other occasion, but proves that she can take a look, duplicate it again, and still reign as a fashion leader.