Individuals as Brands | Corporate Culture

When we think of a brand – advertising campaigns, social media utilization, marketing strategies- we typically think of companies and organizations.  Not individuals.  Yet, an important concept is how individuals, intentionally and subconsciously, brand themselves to make an impression on society utilizing … Continue reading

URBANE x Hartzog Consulting: The Evolution

  Public Service Announcement: We are growing, evolving and “merging simultaneously. We are evolving into two distinct brands: URBANE, for everything fashion, including the e-boutique, and Hartzog Consulting for branding, project and process management. Our experience and endeavors have led … Continue reading

The Fifth Avenue Man | Modern Men’s Sophistication

With well-received Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week presentations by labels like Hood By Air, it is evident that everyone is well aware that diverse men’s fashion is evolving and important. Saks Fifth Avenue received the memo long ago, and has done something amazing about it. Welcome The … Continue reading

Fashion Designers Requested | Los Angeles & Gulf Coast

Hartzog Consulting will be participating in two runway shows, one in May in Los Angeles, and one in June in Mobile, Ala. For designers interested in participating in either show, please email, tweet us @hartzogbagsby, or complete the contact … Continue reading