Designers to Watch: I Am Jennifer Le

We are constantly obsessed with the influence and aspiration of the luxurious design houses that we have come to know and admire as household names. But, there is something more satisfying about the discovery of the unsung heroes the designers who believe in their talent, craft and ability to create a brand that commands attention.

Toronto-based shoe and accessories designer Jennifer Le does exactly that. Offering a collection of croc-embossed boots and pumps, each pair is hand cut, featuring various leathers and gold hardware. Our latest obsession: her over the knee Caiman II boot, designed in black, oxblood and olive. Most recently, the designer has released news via Instagram that a line of beautifully colored furs is in the making.

For those of us who are too impatient to wait (raises hand): the luxury of next day shipping to the United States from Toronto makes the black box even sweeter when you unfold it to reveal the new envy of your closet.

Not only does the success of these designers satisfy dreams, but it also contributes to a vital component of the economy small businesses that are responsible for fueling the growth and sustainability of the market. Through employment and the inclusion of other small businesses as suppliers and intermediaries, the end result is a win-win: economic stimulation and impeccably dressed individuals with a mean shoe game.

I Am Jennifer Le

IG: @iamjenniferle

Twitter: @iamjenniferle



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