Individuals as Brands | Corporate Culture

When we think of a brand – advertising campaigns, social media utilization, marketing strategies- we typically think of companies and organizations.  Not individuals.  Yet, an important concept is how individuals, intentionally and subconsciously, brand themselves to make an impression on society utilizing … Continue reading

Color to Try: None At All

Okay, maybe a pop of color is permissible, but this season (and for Fall) black and white is taking over.  From shoes, to bags to accessories, the trend is easy to pull off…. and there is something about it that … Continue reading

Look of The Day- Monochromatic Appeal

Look of The Day- Casual Friday
Casual Fridays in the corporate world don’t mean that you always have to wear a polo style shirt and khakis (I’ve actually never been that girl).  For the fall season, embrace the monochromatic appeal of head to toe neutrals.  Add a little color with accessories, or keep it simple with diamond studs and great bracelets.  If the blouse is a bit much, a cream, jersey v-neck will do the trick as well.

Corporate Style Tips

Ladies, we should always be mindful that no matter how fashionably-forward we are, if we work in traditionally corporate settings, we have to maintain certain “style” parameters.

The “Corporate Style Tips” that will be interjected from time to time will be quick and easy ideas on what to do to transition fashionable pieces into the wardrobe; but also what to stay away from.

Faux pas #1: Large feather earrings with traditional corporate attire

Bebe earrings

I love large, exotic accessories as much, if not more, than the next person.  However… if you are fully aware that your corporation is traditional, err on the side of safety.  The only time that this is safe is when you work in an artistic or fashionable industry, and you have gauged what the acceptable “norms” are.  (i.e.- When I worked in the BCBG Showroom in NY, a fashion spread could have been created from the beautiful outfits that were seen in the office).